31 Mistakes Every Online Business Makes

Where is your "call to action"?

Why aren't you compiling a database?

Have you "productised" your business?

Where are your Social Media links?

If these questions leave you scratching your head, then chances are you're making one of the 31 Mistakes Every Online Business Makes!

Mistakes in business will always happen. We just need to make sure when a mistake does happen; we learn from it and NEVER make the same mistake twice.

This book is full of brilliant insights and advice to help you quickly implement changes on the mistakes you are currently making and highlights common mistakes business owners make in the hope that you can avoid making them yourself.

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You NEED this book

I spend my life helping other people because I love people and I love helping people; it's my passion. During the last few years I've noticed that business owners, directors and managers all make the same basic mistakes. They make these mistakes because they don't realise there is another way of doing things; or they don't realise these things are things they need to do.

Most people are great at what they do. Business owners are great at the things they are passionate about. A hairdresser is great at cutting and styling and colouring hair; a mechanic is great at fixing, mending and maintaining cars and vans; a web designer is great at designing, sorting out SEO and developing websites. But many of them aren't great at the other stuff.

This book will share with you 31 mistakes every online business owner must avoid. The idea behind this book was to share a month's worth of mistakes which you can work on one day at a time and I hope you will implement at least 1 a day so in a month your business will be in a much better place. My hope and wish is that you can then learn from them and avoid making them in your online business.